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Autonomous Rotary Wing Reconnaissance UAV System


TOGAN is a national multi-rotor rotary wing UAV solution engineered for general-purpose reconnaissance and surveillance missions with original mission planning software, autonomous intelligence, and operational capabilities. It can be controlled autonomously or via remote control, and be deployed and operated by a single personnel. TOGAN can be effectively used against stationary or mobile targets through its embedded real-time image processing capabilities and deep learning algorithms. The system is comprised of the rotary wing UAV and ground control components.[1]



- Reliable day and night operation

- Ability to track moving objects

- Concurrent operation and mission swap with secondary TOGAN

- High performance autonomous dispatch and control algorithms

- Original national embedded hardware and software

- Image processing-based control applications

- Embedded and real-time object tracking, detection and classification

- Deployable and operable by single personnel

- 30x optical zoom

- 3 axis stabilized original POD[2]

With the developed artificial intelligence, Togan can control other Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to provide the direct  them to the target. With this feature, It provides a tactical advantage to soldiers during combat. Turkey is the one  of the few countries that be developed  this system and It is adapting quickly new equipments of new generation war.



You can reach video on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZDBkrxCEko

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